How are the products evaluated?

To assign a letter to each product, sustainability experts have drawn up a list of more than 70 criteria assessing the environmental and social impact of the product from its design to its transport to the country of sale.

  • The use of recycled or bio-sourced materials in the manufacture of the product and its packaging
  • Compliance with international guidelines prohibiting the use of substances hazardous to health and the environment
  • Compliance with ISO standards on eco-design
  • Evidence that an audit has been conducted based on reputable standards for employee working conditions
  • The recyclability of the product and packaging
  • The possibility of a second life after a cycle of use (e.g. collection for recycling)
  • The use of less polluting modes of transport such as boats
  • The geographical location of the production site
  • The implementation of a committed Corporate Social Responsibility policy


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